Best science subscription boxes 2023

Science is important to understand for any child (and grownup). So fostering the intrigue with ready-to-go boxes of building materials for a science experiment is as good as it gets. There is of course the option to custom-make labs yourself, but that takes a lot of effort. So what are the subscription boxes available today?

Probably the most successful box to date thanks to Mark Rober's massive YouTube channel. Like any of his products, he takes them very seriously. You can expect very entertaining instructional videos with Mark in them and the learning experience will be real. With $24.95 per box, it's a fantastic option especially if your kiddo already watches the channel (and a lot of kids do! (and grownups, like me)). The focus seems to be on mechanical engineering by building functional toys that are fun to play with.

They offer chemistry labs, math experiments, space technology, physics and STEM (for ages 5+). It's a whole bundle of different subjects. Each age group gets their own subject and difficulty level. If this suits your child then you've got experiments handed to you for all of the school years. Besides fun experiments they will also build tools. Like measuring tools for math.

Age 0 is basically toys focusing on development. They are a step up from what you can find at a toy shop so worth the money (and time savings). For later ages they have everything from science to art, including engineering and design. It isn't as rigorous as MEL Science, but it does have a wider variety of activities. If you child is more of an artist you will want to opt for this subscription.

In summary at the very young age there's only Kiwi and for later stages you can choose based on your kids preferences. What would they be into most?

Subscription boxes are amazing. They are a great supplement to a great science curriculum and perhaps you'd consider making a lab at home yourself, because that can actually teach your kids a lot more than one kit ever can. If you're actually still learning to read you may like these tips on how to get a kid hooked on it!

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Jamie Larson