Favorite Homeschooling YouTube Channels to Follow for Children

YouTube is a vast library of content where your kids can choose what they're interested in, but it's difficult to find all of the options out there. Here are some ideas for you to check out. In fact, I'm going to keep this list updated with every YouTube channel that I find.

The most recommended channels are ones you've probably heard of.

And all the rest that you probably haven't heard of but are definitely worth checking out.

That's it! Click through these and if the channel matches your taste, try it on your child. In fact, why not let your child go through this list? You could also make a separate youtube account for educative content where all of these are subscribed so your kid doesn't get distracted by Mr. Beast.

Also, check out channels for parents, and if reading is an issue 3 steps to get your child to love reading.

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Jamie Larson